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CYNWAVE Solutions provides agile and adaptable Logistics Management Solutions that the military and federal government agencies can depend on. CYNWAVE offers mission critical logistical services that contain a full complement of support to include courier services.  Our team is ready to speak with you on how we can ensure your needs are satisfied.

                           Medical & Laboratory

CYNWAVE Solutions has experience transporting refrigerated samples, handling requests of urgent nature, and appreciates the importance of maintaining specimen integrity, patient confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance. Our healthcare client base includes multiple statewide laboratories, healthcare systems, and pharmacies.  We ensure that HIPAA secure chain-of-custody procedures are followed and patient confidentiality is protected. Keeping public safety as a top priority, all medical courier drivers carry bio-hazard spill kits.



                          Business & Legal

CYNWAVE Solutions delivers documents for all types of business, including legal documents. We make secure, on-time deliveries using bonded and fully credentialed drivers and provide the necessary tracking and reporting.

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